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Made in Italy
26 min. 2006.

Made in Italy traces the connections between 16,000 Italian companies delocalizing to Romania and 2 million Romanian workers migrating to Italy. Rather than tell a story in a unified voice, the video presents a collision of many contradictory perspectives: Italian businessmen, trade unions, local workers and Romanian migrants in Italy. The audience has to piece together their own conclusions.

"There wasn't any transition: there was a crash. The system fell down, it imploded. The factories weren't transformed, they were destroyed: people took the doors, windows and parts of machines. Everything collapsed and the first reaction was migration. Everyone wanted to escape." (Poli, Italian Cultural Institute, Bucharest).

The dislocation of people is a response to economic crises produced by delocalization and the subsumption of periphery countries into the global market. But the flight from economic misery is also a desire to find the consumerist utopia ... Migration is not an exodus from global capitalism, but a flight to its center. (voiceover)

A collaboration between Candida TV (Francesca Bria, Tora Krogh, Cristina Petrucci) and D Media (Joanne Richardson).

Presentations: Open Space (Vienna), Kunstraum Bethanien (Berlin), NGBK (Berlin), 3rd Bucharest Biennale (Bucharest), Globale Festival 08 (Berlin), Cleotronica Festival/ACAF (Alexandria), International Women’s Film Festival (Barcelona), Tek Festival (Rome).



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