Joanne Richardson

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2010-2011: Co-organizer of artistic program of the Transeuropa Festival for Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Transeuropa was a transnational festival of art and politics organized by a team of 40 activists, artists and curators from across Europe. It took place simultaneously in 11 cities, including Amsterdam, Berlin, Bologna, Cluj, Edinburgh, London, Paris, Prague and Sofia.
2008-2009: Member of initial team that developed the concept and structure of Transitland Europa, an archive of 100 works of video art from post-socialist Europe during 1989-2009. Project organization was taken over by Kathy Rae Huffman, Stephen Kovats (Transmediale), Margarita Dorovska (InterSpace), and Rita Kalman (ACAX/Ludwig Museum).
2007: Guest co-organizer of Found Footage Workshop, a project initiated by Stefan Rusu of the Center for Contemporary Art in Chisinau. The workshop and follow-up exhibition gathered together 12 artists from Romania, Serbia and Moldova for a collaborative video production involving the digitalization and resampling of archival 16 mm films into new compositions.
2002-2009: Founder and director of D Media, an organization in Cluj-Napoca, Romania working at the intersections of art, social activism and new technologies. Aside from organizing numerous workshops, exhibitions and screenings, the most substantial activity of the group was running an itinerant and producing more than 10 experimental videos.
2003-2005: Founder and member of editorial collective of Indymedia Romania.
2002-2003: Co-organizer of the Next 5 Minutes 4 Festival of Tactical Media. The last edition of Next 5 Minutes included decentralized events in more than 15 cities around the world, as well as a concluding festival in Amsterdam.
2001-2002: Co-organizer of two media festivals in collaboration with Multimedia Institute mi2 in Croatia, ASU2: Art Servers Unlimited 2 (Labin) and Reality check on Cyberutopias (Zagreb).
2000-2001: Founder and editor of Subsol, a webzine focusing on media art and activism. The launch of the project in 2001 included 8 interviews with new media initiatives in Europe.