Olia Lialina (Russia/Germany)


Born 1971 in Moscow
Finished Moscow State University in 1993
Professor of Merz Akademie (New Media Pathway), Stuttgart
Net Artist
Animated Gif Model
Wife of Rockstar

author of:
First Real Net Art Gallery, art.teleportacia.org
Last Real Net Art Museum, myboyfriendcamebackfromth.ewar.ru
The Most Beautiful Web Page, de708.teleportacia.org/~james.larin/stellastar
co-author of:
Zombie&Mummy episodes, www.zombie-and-mummy.org
all web projects:
MY BOYFRIEND CAME BACK FROM THE WAR, www.teleportacia.org/war
AGATHA APPEARS, www.c3.hu/collection/agatha
ANNA KARENINA GOES TO PARADISE, www.teleportacia.org/anna
HEAVEN & HELL with Michael Samyn, www.zuper.com/hh
WILL-n-TESTAMENT, will.teleportacia.org
W, www.totalmuseum.org/webproject8/w/w.html
FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL, ftp.teleportacia.org
THE GREAT GATSBY, remote.aec.at/gatsby
TRUST-n-DUST diary, www.design.ru/olialia/diary.htm
CINE FANTOM on line archives, www.cinefantom.org
CROSS_THE_BORDER campain at dX, www.contrast.org/borders
TIME TO TEACH, www.merz-akademie.de/projekte/net
CASIO WQV10 GALLERY, a-blast.org/~drx/lo-tech/casio/index.en.html#olia


olialia (at) teleportacia.org

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