xurban (Turkey)


xurban members are stalkers of the urban landscape, looking for what is desolate, neglected, ruined and derelict in the metropolis as the sign of the times.They live in Ankara/Istanbul/New York, and their work incorporates photography, video, computer graphics, installation and interactive digital media. They sign their collaborative projects as a collective and claim that collective work overcomes and excludes the problem of the artist’s identity from the practice of art. In past years, their work has been exhibited in Istanbul , the US and Germany, and at the Venice Biennial and the Istanbul Biennial. For the 8th Istanbul Biennial they set up a mission to acquire a defunct fuel tank from Southeastern Anatolia and transport it from Istanbul to the region and back, documenting the phases of the transnational transport of oil using photography, video, and sound recordings.



pope (at) xurban.net


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