Kaspars Vanags (LT)


One of the founders in 1995 of Sounds OPEN Systems in Riga - a creative group which consisted of the non-commercial art management bureau OPEN, the electronic art and media center E-L@b, the independent journalists and mass media group, the film studio Lokomotive, as well as a group of artists, DJs, film and video directors and designers. Some of the first events organised by the art bureau OPEN were in an old warehouse and in the old Dzintars factory in Riga ane attempted to mix various youth sub-cultures with contemporary art. OPEN realized the t-shroom project (the t-shroom shop and the marketing campaign) in 2000, and in 2001 began the project “Subvertising session in the streets of Riga”. Artists’ posters were put up at public transport shelters parodying well-known brands. The motto of the project was: “Nowadays wars are won by trademarks, not weapons” and quotations from Jean Baudrillard’s La Société de Consommation, Guy Debor’s La société du spectacle and Naomi Klein’s No Logo formed the conceptual basis.




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