Mika Hannula (Finland/Germany)


Mika Hannula has a PhD in Political Science and lives and works in Helsinki and Berlin as a curator, teacher and art critic. Since 2000 he is the director of the Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts, and since 2002 the chairman of KUNO, Nordic network of Art Academies. He has curated exhibitions in Helsinki, Trondheim, Berlin and Istanbul and from 1999 to 2001 was the reviews editor of NU: the Nordic Art Review. Hannula is the author of numerous articles on contemporary art and of several books, including Why Do I Like Rock Music? - Theoretical Discourse on Contemporary Visual Art and Culture (in Finnish, University of Trondheim 2000), It’ s All or Nothing – Critical Theory, Contemporary Art and Visual Culture (in Finnish, Kuvataideakatemia 2003), Rock the Boat - Localized Ethics, the Situated Self, and Particularism in Contemporary Art (with Tere Vaden, Salon Verlag 2003), and Misadventures of Contemporary Art – Communication processes outside the white cube (in Finnish, Kuvataideakatemia 2004).


mhannula (at) kuva.fi

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