Morten Goll & Jesper Goll (Denmark)


Morten Goll received an MFA from both The Royal Danish Academy of Fine
Arts, Copenhagen, and Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles
(1999). Goll is presently based in Copenhagen where he has established a
conceptual practice. Morten's basic beliefs are that art is a form of communication, art is a social and political discourse, thus always politically charged. He attempts to hybridize anthropology and aesthetics into art forms that appeal to people beyond the art world. His work, projects and collaborations have been exhibited in Canada, USA, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Germany and more. Some of these projects include
Minority Report: Challenging intolerance in contemporary Denmark in 2004, Democracy When? - Activist Strategizing in Los Angeles in 2002, and The Evening School at Signal (Malmö, Sweden) in 2001.

Jesper Goll Spent his childhood in the Faroe Islands, Sweden, Copenhagen and in the rural parts of Denmark where he now lives. He earns a living as a software
developer/consultant. Jesper attempts to combine a deep-seated interest in continental (especially German) philosophy with an equally inescapable and, perhaps, irrational urge to keep the human race in control of our machines. Has been a co-editor of the Danish philosophical quarterly Philosophia, and has translated some of Heidegger's works into Danish (Gyldendal, 1999). He is a long-standing practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan (Yang Style) and choir music. Married, 3 children.


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