Nina Czegledy (CA/HU)


Nina Czegledy is an independent media artist, curator and writer. Over the last ten years she has programmed and curated over twenty international media art/video programs and touring exhibitions that were presented in 28 countries. Together with Iliyana Nedkova she has organized the Crossing Over, a workshop/media residency project for producing and presenting video shorts, which has been realized in Sofia (1996 and 1997), Novi Sad (1998), Ljubljana (1999), Colombus, Ohio (2000) and Liverpool (2001). One of her most recent works is Digitazed Bodies, interdisciplinary project exploring the ways in which the rapidly developing technologies affect the perception of our bodies - the project has evolved through a series of online events, exhibitions, performances, video programs and public lectures in Canada (2000), Hungary (2001) and Slovenia (2001). Czegledy is also a board member of ISEA, Images Festival, Interaccess Electronic Media arts Centre and Charles St. Video. She has published both internationally and in her native Hungary.



czegledy (at) interlog. com


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