Craig Baldwin (US)


Craig Baldwin was born in Oakland and lives in San Francisco. While studying in the Department of Cinema at San Francisco State University, he became increasingly drawn to creating films from already existing footage. Baldwin's films represent a political engagement with film, both the physical medium and the cultural manifestation. His practice challenges notions of the individual as a singular source of 'creative genius' - suggesting on the contrary that creativity is open to everybody - and they also raise important questions concerning the 'authenticity' of the document, and the meaning of copyright and so-called "piracy." Baldwin teaches at San Francisco State University and organizes film screenings at A.T.A. (Artists' Television Access) Gallery, an oppositional, underground screening space in San Francisco's Mission District.


* Stolen Movie (1976): recordings on Super 8 of films playing in movie theaters
* Wild Gunman (1978): a diatribe against the Marlboro Man and the idea of the cowboy
* RoketKitKongoKit (1986): the history of the Congo, Mobutu, the CIA, and German rockets
* Tribulation 99 (1991): UFO's, dinosaurs, plagues, mind control, CIA and American imperialism
* O No Coronado! (1992): the genocidal march of the Conquistadors through the Americas
* Sonic Outlaws (1995): the cultural homogeny of the entertainment industry & its subversion by media pranksters
* Spectres of the Spectrum (1999): a telepathic father-daughter team lead media outlaws in resistance against a corporate-governmental New Electromagnetic Order


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