Michael Albert (US)


Michael Albert began his political activities in 1967 and has been involved in activism and organization ever since. He was a co-founder of South End Press and later of Z Magazine, ZMI, and various online projects including ZNet. He currently works as part of the Z Magazine collective and maintains ZNet and the new ZNet Sustainer Program. He also writes a column for Z, speaks publicly often, and has written over a dozen books over the years, including Thinking Forward and Thought Dreams (both Arbeiter Ring Press), and Looking Forward: Participatory Economics in the 21st Century (South End Press) and Political Economy of Participatory Economics (Princeton University Press), both with Robin Hahnel. His main activist focus has been the creation and nurturance of alternative media institutions, recently mostly on the internet, and the economic model, vision, and approach, called Participatory Economics.


sysop (at) zmag.org


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