Florian Schneider (Germany)


Florian Schneider is a writer, filmmaker and net activist. He concentrates on how new communication and migration regimes are being attacked and undermined by critics of borders and networks. Schneider is one of the initiators of the No One is Illegal campaign and one of the founders of the noborder network and the Europe-wide internet platform, D-A-S-H. In 2001 he designed and directed the make world festival in Munich, and organised metabolics, a series of lectures on net art and net culture. He has also worked on several documentaries for the German-French television station, Arte, including What's to be done? which looks at contemporary activism. He also writes for major German newspapers, magazines, journals and handbooks.



No One is Illegal: www.contrast.org/borders
No Border Network: www.noborder.org
Make World: make-world.org


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