Oleg Kireev (Russia)


Oleg Kireev (born 1975) is an art- and media-critic, editor, curator and activist. He has participated in a number of media-political campaigns ("Against all parties", 1999) and actions ("Barricade at Bolshaya Nikitskaya", May 1998). He is the founder of the Ghetto collective in Moscow (www.getto.rema.ru), which is dedicated to cultural and political analyses. He is the author of articles on art and politics that have appeared in the Russian and international press ("Novaya gazeta", "Nezavasimaya gazeta", "Flash art", "Siksi", "Mute" and of two books, "Against all P's" (M., ghetto, 2001) and "Lifestyle" (M., ghetto, in print). He recently translated Konrad Becker's Tactical Reality Dictionary into Russian and was one of the organizers of the Moscow tactical media laboratory (part of the Next 5 Minutes 4 Festival. Lives in Moscow.



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