Space Hijackers (England)


  The Space Hijackers is a group of Anarchitects working since 1999 to battle the oppressive encroachment into public spaces by institutions, corporations and urban planners. We attempt to raise awareness of how spaces are used and percieved. Our first major event was the hijacking of a Circle line carriage on London Underground. Since then we have expanded our operations to include everything from building miniature 'city farms' all over the square mile to producing 'experimental pedestrian schemes' in Brixton, and producing Hijacker equipment. The Space Hijackers is a constantly evolving group, with many layers of membership. We started with around 6-8 core members but the number changes depending on who is interested in each specific project. We also have an online HQ populated by 150 agents around the world who use online space for discussion and the development of projects.




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