Greg Sholette (US)


Greg Sholette is a founding member of PADD (Political Art Documentation and Distribution) and the influencial artist collective REPO History. REPOhistory began in Manhattan in 1989 as a study group of artists, scholars, teachers, and writers focused on the relationship of history to contemporary society. It grew into a forum for developing public art projects based on history and a platform for creating them. For the past ten years REPOhistory's goal has been "To retrieve and relocate absent historical narratives at specific locations in the New York City area through counter-monuments, actions, and events". Since its first public project in 1992 the group has reinterpreted the presumed history of Lower Manhattan, memorialized an erased African-American community in Atlanta, Georgia and commemorated the ongoing battle for legal rights in New York City. In addition to his work with the collective, Sholette is a curator, writer and commentator on topics of activist art and art theory. Currently he is Assistant Professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago


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