Kenta Ohji (Japan/France)



Kenta OHJI is a historian of philosophy and literary critic, currently residing in Paris. The book he published with Mikhail Xifaras, Éprouver l'universel, Essai de géophilosophie (Paris, Kimé, 1999), proposes a brief account of Japanese debates in 1930's on "Overcoming Modernity" from the perspective of a critique of contemporary, universal and communicative morals.

OHJI is a member of NAM, a new associationist movement founded in Japan in 2000. NAM is an association of the individuals who undertake non-violent counter-acts againt the trinity of Capitalist-Nation-State, by gathering the dispersed social movements in different sectors (labor, gender, environment, third world, art etc.) in view of organization of the non-capitalist economic associations. Q-project, one of the NAM initiatives, is now establishing an internet-run LETS community.




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