Inke Arns (Germany)


  Inke Arns (b. 1968) is an independent media art curator. She finished an M.A. thesis Free University of Berlin in 1996 on Neue Slowenische Kunst and is currently writing her PhD at Humboldt University on the Historical Avant-Garde in Eastern Europe in the 1980s-1990s. Her curatorial work includes exhibitions, festivals and conferences on international media art and culture, like OSTranenie 93 at the Bauhaus Dessau; Minima Media: Medienbiennale Leipzig 1994, Leipzig; discord. sabotage of realities, Hamburg 1996/97; body of the message, Berlin 1998; and update 2.0, ZKM Karlsruhe for the Goethe-Institute, 2000. She is a founding member of the translocal Syndicate network (1996-2001), of the Berlin-based "mikro" association for the advancement of media cultures (1998) and of SPECTRE, a mailing list for media culture in Deep Europe (2001). She has published widely on issues of media and net culture and art in international magazines and books, amongst others in Leonardo Electronic Almanach (USA), Kunstforum International (D), ArtIndia (IN) and Convergence: Journal of Research into New Technologies (UK). Author of two books, Neue Slowenische Kunst and Net Cultures.



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