Michael Linton (Canada)


  Michael Linton, originally from the UK, has been active in community currency development since 1982 when he designed and began the first LETSystem in the Comox Valley, in western Canada. Previously, and briefly, he was a physicist, chemical engineer, computer programmer, business school graduate (MBA), research psychologist, truck-driver, ski instructor, school teacher, builder, fisherman, logger and retailer. He is also a qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique. He is now a systems designer, working primarily on systems for open society. For his most recent work, and links to earlier publications - www.openmoney.org


lcs@mars.ark.com, mwl@openmoney.org

LETSystems: www.gmlets.u-net.com
Open money: www.openmoney.org
Transaction Net: www.transaction.net/money/lets

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