Kristine Briede & Carl Biorsmark, K@2 (Latvia)


Kristine Briede was born 17th of June 1970 in Cesis, Latvia. From 1991-1995 worked in Nordic Information Office in Riga, and as an interpreter and translator of Norwegian literature, as a writer and photographer for Latvian press. From 1995 works with © Locomotive filmmakers collective as producer, writer, director. From 2000 has been living and working in Karosta, Liepaja - as one of the initiators and founders of "The Culture and information center K@2" in Karosta, Liepaja. Also co-founder of New Media and Culture Center in Riga, RIXC.

Carl Biörsmark was born on the 29th of December 1967 in Norrkoping, Sweden. Since 1983 active as a freelance journalist, photographer and director. Since 1991 living in Latvia. Founder of the filmmakers collective - film and media studio "Locomotive International." Co-organizer of international filmmakers meeting "Transit Zero" and cultural workshops for youth "The Summer of Zero" in Karosta, Liepaja. Director of multimedia project "Borderland" - documentary film, extensive website, CD:s, photoexhibition, (still under production). Since 2000 has been living and working in Karosta, Liepaja as co-founder/director with Kristine Briede of "The Culture & Information center'K@2.'


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