Francesca Iovino (Italy)


Francesca Iovino is an architect from Rome, Italy, researching contemporary metropolitan evolution and intervention policies of urban residential planning, especially in the context of mapping new dwelling typologies. Currently working on a project of temporary dwellings for migrant flows. Since 1990 she is a member of Sciatto produzie group, whose field of action is the whole urban territory and its peripheral (and simultaneously its inner) transformations. Her writings have been published in various Italian magazines, including Derive&Approdi, Posse, and Gomorra.

SCIATTO produzie manifesto:

"As a group of stage action and as a laboratory of architectural planning, Sciatto looks at social and urban borderlines as the last significant field for artistic performances. It identifies its research sphere in the outskirts, in fragments refused by the post-industrial city's transformations, in the possibilities for causing mutations, re-interpretations of the space on which one works.

The estrangement is the mean of break, lighting up an alterate image, strongly conditioned by the forms and by the possible interpretations of the refuse, at the same time. An estranged elaboration of the scrap, no functional reinterpretation but a typologically consistent, constructively modular rereading of elements, through frameworks produced by the ruins. Machines of motion that recognize the scrap as the last part of the transformation process in the industrial production: the last element although be still able to bring on further mutations and changes of meaning. SCIATTO produzie, construdistruction workshop, is in action since 1990."





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