Stefano Boeri (Italy)

  Stefano Boeri is an architect and urban planner. He contributes regularly to the cultural pages of "Il Sole 24 Ore", main Italian economic newspaper. His research centers around the interface of architecture and urbanism with a focus on new conditions for European City. With the photographer Gabriele Basilico, he is author of "Italy. Cross Sections of a Country" (Scalo publisher, 1998), an eclectic atlas of contemporary Italian urban landscape. Recently, his work has appeared in the Mutations exhibition in (AA.VV, Mutations, Actar, Barcelona, 2000), where together with the Multiplcity research group - he exhibited the installation "USE-Uncertain States of Europe." His office is involved in many transformation projects in port areas in the Mediterranean (Genoa, Naples, Mytilene, Salerno, Trieste).



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