Faith Wilding (US)


  Faith Wilding emigrated to the United States in 1961 from Paraguay. She received her MFA at CalArts where she was a founding member of the Feminist Art Program. Wilding is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work addresses aspects of the somatic, psychic, and sociopolitical history of the body. Her art practice is recombinant, using whatever media best accommodates the subject matter, content, and purposes of the project, including drawing, painting, printmaking, writing, artist books, performance, and electronic media. She is interested "in the transformational and pedagogical possibilities of a radical art--an art which uses beauty as a terrorist tactic, rather than an end in itself." Recent publications, lectures, exhibitions and performances focus on issues of cyberfeminist theory and practice, with particular emphasis on biotechnology. Wilding has exhibited and lectured widely in the USA and Europe. Her audio work has been commissioned and broadcast by RIAS Berlin; WDR Cologne; and National Public Radio, USA. Wilding has published in MEANING, Heresies, Ms. Magazine, The Power of Feminist Art, and other books and magazines. Currently, Wilding is a Research Fellow at the Studio for Creative Inquiry Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, and a faculty member of the MFA in Visual Art Program at Vermont College, Norwich University.



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