®TMark (US)


®TMark began as a funding system for the creative subversion of corporate culture. Its core is a Web-based database of aesthetic and social interventions in public spaces. These projects are displayed at rtmark.com/funds.html in hopes of soliciting funding that will allow or reward their accomplishment. Previous ®Tmark projects included funding the Barbie Liberation Organization (BLO) to switch the voiceboxes of GI Joe and Barbie dolls and return them to stores, the pirated and remixed Deconstructing Beck CD, rogue sites for G.W.Bush and the World Trade Organization, and participating in the 1999 Toywar campaign.

®TMark uses corporate public relations techniques to publicize its successful projects to millions of people. ®TMark-sponsored projects containing alternative and blacklisted content regularly receive widespread media coverage and attention in numerous mainstream newspapers, magazines, and on mainstream television and radio stations, both in the United States and abroad. (A constantly updated archive is located at rtmark.com/allpress.html.) In addition, ®TMark publicity videos have aired on several independent television stations and in film and video festivals around the world.

The core aim of ®TMark is to call attention to the iniquity of the legal rights that corporations have arrogated over the years in the United States and (now increasingly) around the world. Since 1886, corporations have been legally defined as "persons" in the US, which gives them wide protection under the Constitution, without incurring the same liability as other "people." ®TMark's charter is to popularize these problems and, especially, to focus anti-corporate sentiment and activism; all that contributes to this "bottom line" is seen as beneficial. We do this both directly--by discussing the issues--and indirectly--by embodying corporate behavior in many of its manifestations. For the most part, we have chosen these methods because they've proven effective--corporations use the publicity techniques that they do because they work--but at the same time, we hope to draw attention to the way corporations act within our society... and outside it.



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