Boris Ondreicka (Slovakia)

Scheissliche Ostblocker, PrePhase 2001-02-04

Usually they call me Mélanchö, Connot, Boyco, Binfó and Bionfó, Emöt, Egon or Mr. Grabstein or simply ´Sir´ and even Ma(gi)ster.

They call me human (being), they call me one.

They call me (dog)lover - husband, comrade, friend or foe, semi-blond guy, volunteer, arrogant client / customer, patron, naive initiator, imitator, organiser, bastard, helper, idiot, fool, blockhead, participant, booby, dunce, gawp, gudgeon, tenuous ignoramus, meagre clod, thin ass-hole, skinny jackass, slim nit, dumb, buddy, fellow, colleague, swine, mate, professional, acquaintance, piece of shit, pal, companion, crony, chum, compeer, partner, cheeter and liar.
They call me parlour (past / x) punk - theoretical anarchist, collaborant, snob, dandy, dude, beau, coxcomb, cocksucker, criminal / critic or angry singer, bad player, intellectual, pubescent philosopher, writer - poet, respondent, correspondent, journalist, lecturer. Teenage suburban rappers call me collaborant / prostitute / whore.
They call me worker, fanatic, (black) passenger - traveller - itinerant, resident, voyager - explorer, sentimental miscreant, villian, amateur, fiend, devil, strong smoker, beer drinker, coffee drinker and chocolatte eater.
They call me suspect, advisor, ignorant, incendiary, rioter, pretender, promiser, intensive egoist, coordinator, mercenary, romantic annihilater / destroyer, potential boss, mother-fucker, specialist, new comer and of course (visual) artist too.
They call me free-lance, unemployed, workless, charlatan, felon, crowd, mass, beggar, hulk, performer, visitor, viewer, onlooker, spectator, bystander, neurotic listener, hearer, observer, watcher, auditor, author, member, collegian, student and immature teacher.
They call me unique - they call me chaos.
They call me subject, inhibitant, citizen and Slovak. They call me foriegner, alien, Europian but mostly ´Scheissliche Ostblocker´, eliminated, disqualificated, excluded, expulded, fake Messiah, hypocrite, pharisee, they call me "etc.", "e.g." and "next".
They call me (gentle)man / male, phalocrat or uncle, cousin, blackmailer, brother and brother-in-law, insolvent deptor = son, son-in-law and son of a bitch.
They call me neighbour, liberal patient.
They call me guest.
For a drunken beggar I am rich, for a bank manager poor as hell and for mafia man god damned loser.
In Bratislava they call me middle class, in San Marino ´nobody´.
For the 60 year old hindu Bigga Man from Piet Mondrianstraat / Paramaribo SR I´m justa strange white, but still a boy.
Who am I in the eyes of our dog? For moskyto I´m justa source of food.

They call me tool, dreamer.

They call me ´You - He - We / They´.

They call me "I" ~ "Me".

for Nina Simone



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