Geert Lovink (Netherlands)


  Geert Lovink (Amsterdam,1959) is a media theorist and activist. After graduating in political science from Amsterdam University he worked as an independent critic, producer, publisher and radio-maker. He is the founder of numerous Internet initiatives. He is an organizer of conferences, online forums, publications and projects such as community Internet providers, mailinglists and media laboratories. Over the last two decades he has lived and worked in Berlin, Budapest and throughout Central and Eastern Europe, teaching media theory and supporting independent media and new media culture. He was an editor of the new media arts magazine Mediamatic (1989-1994) and is a member of Adilkno, from which two books have appeared in English translation: Cracking the Movement (1994) and The Media Archive (1998). In 1995, he co-founded the international mailinglist Nettime, from which material was brought together in the "README!" anthology (1999). Recently he has been working on topics related to the New Economy.


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