Irwin (Slovenia)


Irwin was founded in Ljubljana, acting within the NSK movement since 1984. The group consisting of painters Dušan Mandic (born Ljubljana, 1954), Miran Mohar (born Novo Mesto, 1958), Andrej Savski (born Ljubljana, 1961), Roman Uranjek (born Trbovlje, 1961) and Borut Vogelnik (born Kranj, 1959). Its work is based on potent eclecticism and the "retro principle," both as means of realizing the syncretic coexistence of various artistic styles ranging from the tradition of the historical avantgardes, to popular national imagery, to the visual production of the totalitarian regimes. Together with NSK, Irwin established the NSK State in Time in 1992. Their most important activities have included the planing of the NSK Embassies and Consulates in Moscow, Gent and Florence, and the Transnacionala project (Journey from East to West Coast) in 1996. Irwin have exhibited widely in Europe and the USA, including Manifesta in Rotterdam and Ljubljana, Venice Biennial, After the Wall, and Aspects/Positions.



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