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The organizers of the "Break 21" festival proposed placing the exhibit "Clinic of Ideas" in the Clinic of the Central Hospital in Lubljana. As a reaction to the concept of the "Clinic of Ideas," I created a project called the "Ideas of the Clinic." My plan was to change the structure of the traditional conception of the role of art (artists, visitors, curators, organizers, …) which was preserved in the conception of the "Clinic of Ideas." I wanted to invite all those who were in any way related to the Clinic Centre in Ljubljana (patients, employees, visitors of the hospital) to show their various works of art (photographs, pictures, sculptures, goblins, crochet-works, …) In this instance, the structure of the exhibition would be transformed. I, as an artist and potential exhibitor become instead the curator/organizer of the exhibit, and the potential spectators of the exhibit (patients and employees) become the artists and exhibitors.

Since the curators of "Clinic of Ideas" decided to step out of the space of the gallery by placing artists' works in the environment of a clinic, I decided to introduce my "artists" into the environment of a gallery. I wanted to show, in the spirit of Dada and Fluxus, that anything can be art and that anyone can produce a work of art.

"Ideas of the Clinic" was conceived as an exhibition within an exhibition (within the "Clinic of Ideas"). The project sought to connect the field of medicine and the field of art - evoking through allusion the idea of art as therapy.

Unfortunately, my idea was doomed to remain only a concept on paper because the organizers of the "Clinic of Ideas" didn't get the permission to make the exhibition at the Central Hospital in Ljubljana. Consequently they decided to move it to the nearest abandoned building of an old bicycle factory. In this (new) context, lacking my potential artists from the hospital, the only things I could exhibit were the materials that showed the development of the project "Ideas of the Clinic." I am re-present here for you the materials for this exhibition without any exhibited objects.

(The exhibition idea & selection procedure , Break 21)




3rd international festival of young independent artists
3. - 9.5.1999


It is still the idea that matters most, not the fact to whom or where it is launched. Therefore the clinic of ideas could and could not be interpreted as Klinicni center (The Medical Center) of Ljubljana. It could be so interpreted because the exhibitions will be held at and around the premises of Klinicni center. But we are not interested in health, health services and its politics exclusively.

The raid of creativity therefore remains open for numerous themes related to the area of Klinicni center, of which self-sufficiency stands as as allegory for a closed system. We had in mind an exhibition space which is able to attract an audience of all profiles and spur various associations such as masses, energy, drugs, techno, life, death, birth, technology, science, fun and a wide range of others, that haven't crossed our mind yet.

selection will be made by Boštjan Hvala, Dunja Kukovec, Maja Škerbot


*a description of the project intended for the festival (a sketch of the work, measurements and a summary of the message the project is intended to carry)
* chosen location (interior or exterior)
* all media are welcome (paintings, sculptures, installations, performances, video, internet, photographs, …)
* technical requirements (description of the materials inevitably employed), in case the project is more demanding in technical terms state the approximate duration necessary for its setting


Vdor 21/Break 21 (The Visual Arts),
Kersnikova 4,
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


(My proposal for the "Ideas of Clinic"--letter to "Break 21" organizers)


(My proposal for the "Ideas of Clinic"--letter to "Break 21" organizers)


The exhibition "Clinic of Ideas", as a part of "Break 21" festival, is conceived to be held in and around the space of the Clinical Center of Ljubljana, "which would attract the audience of all profiles".

I presume that a person can be more involved and interested in an event if he/she takes active part in it.

Therefore, my idea is that all persons involved in the environment of the Clinical Center (patients, employees, visitors, …) become creative participants in the exhibition. Thus, they should receive written invitations for participation through direct contact.

The works of those who want to take part in the exhibition will be exhibited in the gallery of the Clinic.


Igor Grubic


(Invitation to Potential Participants in the Project)


"To establish his unprofessional status in the society, the artist has to
provide evidence that it is possible to get along without him, that he is
not exclusive, he has to prove, that the public is sufficient to itself,
that everything can be art performed by everyone."
George Maciunas, Fluxus, 1979



An international art exhibition of young independent artists called "KLINIKA IDEJ" (Clinic of Ideas) will be held in CLINICAL CENTER of Ljubljana. These kind of events are most interesting if you are also an active participant.

Therefore, we invite you (patients, visitors, doctors and other employees) to join in and contribute with your various works (photographs, goblins, pictures, souveniers, …).

So, think of all the techniques and medias that brought the art of 20th century to the final frontiers of existence.

Prove that to understand art, there are no limits in time and space.

The exhibition near Clinical Centre of Ljubljana will become a gallery with your contributions (works). The exhibition will be held on May 3rd to 9th 1999.

Send your contributions to:
Šou Kultura - Klinika idej
Kersnikova 4
1000 Ljubljana
Tel. 131 70 10

For more information contact:
Dunja Kukovec,
Dvorakova 8,
1000 Ljubljana
Tel. 131 92 88; E-mail: dunja.kukovec@kiss.uni/

Hope to hear from you soon!

Igor Grubic, artist and visual art selector

"Life is art / Art is life." (Wolf Vostell)


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