Francesca da Rimini (Australia)


  Francesca da Rimini, aka GashGirl, (Adelaide/Rome) has been working in the field of new media since 1984 as an arts manager, curator, corporate geisha girl, cyberfeminist, puppet mistress and ghost. One of the original members of VNS Matrix, the Australian cyberfeminism group formed in 1991. Worked in New York on a project in collaboration with Michael Grimm, snafu and Ricardo Dominguez, los dias y las noches del muertos, and with Ricardo Dominguez on hauntings. Squandered hours investigating the artistic and erotic potential of negotiated email relationships, online virtual communities and web-based narrative architectures that have been reverse engineered into multiple immaterialities.

  "i like the freedom of ghostliness it's easier to slip through the predictable binary reductionist screen/s to a space which once again feels uncolonised by histories sometimes the net is the only space where i don't feel crazy maybe because it is the only safe space to be completely excessive"



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