Eda Cufer (Slovenia)


  Eda Cufer was born in 1961. Studied dramaturgy at the Academy for Theater Radio film and Television. Worked as cofounder and dramaturge of Scipion Nasice Sisters Theater and Red Pilot Theater (1983-1988), and has been part of the NSK collective since 1984. Since 1989 collaborated extensively with Irwin on various conceptual projects, including the NSK State in Time, the NSK Embassy Moscow project, and the Transnaciolana project in America. She is the editor of the follow-up books to the last two projects, "NSK Embassy Moscow" (1993), and "Transnacionala" (1998). Recently completed editing "Interpol" in collaboration with Viktor Misiano and the Moscow Art Magazine, a book which presents the documents relating to the scandal at the Interpol exhibit in 1996 in Stockholm, during which Alexander Brener destroyed an artwork by Wenda Gu and Oleg Kulik bit some visitors as part of his dog performance. Currently lives and works in Ljubljana as a dramaturge and theoretician.


eda (at) mail.ljudmila.org

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