Luther Blissett (Italy)


The Luther Blissett multiple name project (the name originally belonged to a British football player) was initiated in 1994 in Italy, and has since then been joined by dozens of mail-artists, underground reviews, poets, performers and squatters' collectives in cities throughout Europe. Many of them joined the project without declaring themselves, invisibly, thus the history will remain incomplete. Luther Blissett has appeared in reports of ludicrous sabotages in Norway and Finland, in Hungary in a press campaign organized by a neoist for the liberation of a US political prisoner with the same name, in France in a collection of love letters to an unknown lady. In Slovenia, Luther Blissett wrote a manifesto called "10 Items of the Covenant." In Italy, Luther Blissett organized dozens of situationist assaults against the establishment, as well as situationist assaults against the establishment of situationism (Guy Debord).


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